Cycle-CNY is on a mission to promote mountain biking as a viable activity for sheer enjoyment, as a vehicle to long-term health, and as a conduit to better understand the fragile environment we cohabitate. We are pleased to announce that Cycle-CNY has become a Chapter of IMBA!

Cycle-CNY brings a voice to your local mountain bike community. With your support, we’ll work hard to improve current trail conditions, raise funds for trail work projects, organize group rides, races, and events, and most importantly provide us with a stronger and more reputable voice when working with local land management organizations to develop larger and better-designed trail systems.

You need a cause. There’s nothing wrong with starting with things you love to do. Beginning March 16, Cycle-CNY will offer a joint membership program with IMBA. Your membership directly supports both national and local mountain bike initiatives. Be a link in the chain. Become a member…visit now.