The black flies are out in force, creeping into your earholes and nose. It’s the time of year that bug spray, cigars or bug nets become a good solution and a necessary tool for being in the woods. My experience with DEET has been good but I have never enjoyed the thought of getting it on my skin. Black flies are one of the toughest to repel and short of firing up a backwoods cigar you don’t have a whole lot to fight with.

One of my preferred repellants is Green Ban, I need to restock because, tonight, while working in the woods, I was tempted to wear my underwear on my head……..

The old standby, Off!, certainly works as well. Of course, as mountain bikers we know that speed can be your friend, especially when you’re running from flies, just don’t wear your underwear over you helmet. Here is a chewy little number that I enjoy, dedicated to the Black Fly.