Sunday, May 20. 10am-2pm. Shindagin Hollow State Forest, main Brearly Hill Rd parking lot.

Yellow trail #1 is a main Shindagin Hollow trail system artery, leading from the Brearley Hill Road parking lot and feeding both the Yellow and the Red trail system loops. Most of the current trail is reclaimed ATV trail, with the lower 1200’ showing signs of extensive erosion and poor drainage. Cycle-CNY has proposed and received permission from the land managers to make significant improvements which would help to return this important trail section to a sustainable, robust, and fun trail access point.

This project involves these improvements to the first 1200’ of Yellow #1:
• Installing 5-6 earthen waterbars (18-32” height)
• Improving 4-5 drainage channels (2’-3’ wide)
• Closing 150’ of damaged trail, adopting/improving an existing bypass trail

Cycle-CNY will be teaming up with the Tioga County Soil and Water Conservation District and the Upper Susquehanna Coalition’s Wetland Program to add water bars, create vernal pools, and improve drainage on approximately one quarter mile of the trail. Our partners will provide a mini-excavator to accomplish some of the brute work, while our Cycle-CNY volunteers will support the mini-excavator work as well as perform all the hand tool finishing work. This project will begin in early May and culminate with a volunteer trail work day on Sunday, May 20.

Many thanks to IMBA, Ithaca Beer Company, Old Goat Gear Exchange, and Clif Bars for supporting this project. :thumb: CycleCNY shirts will be for sale during the 5/20 event ($15).

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